Stephen L. Snyder has won five cases worth well over $100 million each. Two of the five he beat – a Big 4 accounting firm and the CEO of a cable company – recognized Snyder’s unique talent and turned around and hired him for other cases. Those firms put aside their pride and made a smart business decision. Even the federal government has recognized his abilities and hired him, resulting in a recovery well in excess of $100 million.

Snyder is a master at uncomplicating the complicated and getting the largest result in the shortest amount of time. He has a chess grandmaster’s ability to think several moves ahead; a gambler’s willingness to sink huge money into case preparation; and, above all, an actor’s instinct for his audiences. Juries simply love his flair for the dramatic. For those victimized by fraud or corporate conflicts-of-interest, nobody’s better.

Snyder only works on contingency and has the resources to handle even the largest case. If you have a billion dollar set of facts, contact the man The National Law Journal has recognized as one of the nation’s top litigators.

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