"He Keeps on Proving Juries Just Love Him"
Baltimore Sun
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"Legal Eagles"
Baltimore Magazine -
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"Scoring With the Jury, Rolex and All"
The National Law Journal
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"United Cable settlement may bring pair $106 million"
The Baltimore Sun 1990 - Read Article

"Lawyer Rings Baby Bell's Bell"
The Daily Record 1995 - Read Article

"If You Can't Beat 'Em in Court - Hire 'Em"
The Daily Record 2000 - Read Article

"Accounting giant settles Md. lawsuit"
The Baltimore Sun 1999 - Read Article

"Essex Jury Wrings Bell Atlantic for $25 Million"
New Jersey Law Journal 1996 - Read Article

"Jury gives cellular entrepreneur $11 million in damages from Bell"
The Baltimore Sun 1993 - Read Article

"Oil Spill Victims Await Compensation From Exxon"
WJZ 2009 - Read Article

"Jury Finds ExxonMobil Liable For $150 Million" 2009 - Read Article

"Exxon Found Liable in Jacksonville Gas Leak"
Baltimore Sun 2009 - Read Article


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